Thursday, July 2, 2015

Playlist for 6-25-15

Can't talk now. I have work to do. And only have one song planned for tonight's show.


Things that Are Square 6-25-15

(*) = New release

(*) Eskimeaux - Broken Necks - O.K.

(*) Elvis Depressedly - New Alhambra - New Alhambra
Jonathan Richman - Give Paris One More Chance - Her Mystery Not of High Heels and Eye Shadow
Allo Darlin' - Let's Go Swimming - Allo Darlin'
(*) Girlpool - Before the World Was Big - Before the World Was Big

Ballboy - I Lost You, But I Found Country Music (Feat. Laura Cantrell) - Past Lovers E.P.
Neko Case - Deep Red Bells - Blacklisted
Hellbound Glory - I'll Be Your Rock (At Rock Bottom) - Scumbag Country
(*) Whitey Morgan and the 78's - Waitin' 'Round to Die - Sonic Ranch

(*) The Front Bottoms - Cough It Off - Cough It Off/West Virginia
(*) Joanna Gruesome - Last Year - Peanut Butter
(*) State Champion - Wake Me Up - Fantasy Error
(*) Sorority Noise - Art School Wannabe - Joy, Departed
(*) Desaparecidos - City On the Hill - Payola

Shit and Shine - Denim Do's and Don'ts - Chakin'
Caribou - Can't Do Without You - Our Love

(*) Shamir - Call It Off - Ratchet
Casiokids - Finn bikkjen! - Topp stemning på lokal bar
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - When You Were Mine - Young Shields
Why? - Gemini (Birthday Song) - Elephant Eyelash

John Cale - Paris 1919 - Paris 1919
Final Fantasy - The CN Tower Belongs to the Dead - Has A Good Home
Guided By Voices - Game of Pricks - Alien Lanes
Pavement - Spit On a Stranger - Terror Twilight

Momus - Lucky Like St Sebastian - Circus Maximus


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