Friday, December 19, 2014

Genre Research Project 85/1362: Jazz poetry

Jazz poetry emerged during the 1920s as a form of poetry incorporating the style and the rhythms of Jazz, which simultaneously began to expand amongst the African-American communities of the US. The earliest so-called jazz poets, such as Carl Sandburg, only included jazz in their poetry as a thematic element, predating the first wave of authentic jazz poetry in which authors such as Langston Hughes embraced the musical aspects of jazz, especially its rhythm and repetition. Hughes' first book, The Weary Blues is considered the first collection of genuine jazz poems.

The genre gained great popularity during the Harlem Renaissance, as many poets merged poetry and jazz continuing the trend started by Langston Hughes. This movement was revived during the 1950 by the poets of the beat generation, who in many cases included jazz poetry as part of their characteristic Beat Poetry. This heterogeneous group of poets included Amiri Baraka, Jack Kerouac and Sterling Brown. Some authors, like Lawrence Ferlinghetti, usually collaborated with jazz ensembles, giving rise to the definitive fusion of jazz and poetry. Albums which clearly convey this musical blend include Poetry and Jazz at the Blackhawk by Kenneth Rexroth, who is considered the founding father of the San Francisco Renaissance.

During later decades, a third wave of jazz poetry was spearheaded by Gil Scott-Heron and Jayne Cortez with different approaches. While the former included jazz elements as a mere artistic device used to evoke his Afro-American origins, the latter focused her poetry on the melodic patters and cadences of jazz. Scott-Heron's work preceded the rise of Hip Hop, amongst whose derivative forms is Jazz Rap, which encompasses many formal aspects of poetry jazz, and renders them with modern hip hop production methods. Nevertheless, jazz poetry continued to be cultivated, along with the many other branches of contemporary poetry, during the past few decades by poets like Hayden Carruth and Yusef Komunyakaa.

[Editor's note: This is exactly the kind of hidden treasure I'm hoping to find with this project. This is fantastic.]

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

She can't keep her trousers on

Polaris - "Ivy Boy" (Music from the Adventures of Pete & Pete)\

I feel like everyone probably knows how good the theme song to Pete & Pete is, but turns out the rest of the album is pretty strong, as well.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

You won't survive the information age

Pedro the Lion - "Letter From a Concerned Follower" (The Only Reason I Feel Secure)

2014: The year Kyle decided to get real, real into Pedro the Lion.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Horror from beyond the stars

Darkspace - Dark 4.19 (Dark Space III I)

Black metal/dark ambient with its eyes to the Stygian blackness of space. I'm super into everything about this album except their inability to properly use Roman numerals.

Friday, December 12, 2014

God's garden

Cult of Youth - "God's Garden" (Final Days)

The year-end best list is getting a lot of restructuring in these last couple months of 2014.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Playlist for 12-11-14

Look at all the great songs I played this week!

Things that Are Square 12-11-14

(*) = New release

Songs: Ohia - Didn't It Rain - Didn't It Rain

(*) R.L. Kelly - I Cannot - Brown Horse
Regina Spektor - Carbon Monoxide - Soviet Kitsch
Smog - Let's Move to the Country - Knock Knock (For Chris in Anaheim, CA)
Eric's Trip - Behind the Garage - Love Tara

(*) Allo Darlin' - Crickets In the Rain - We Come From the Same Place
Another Sunny Day - You Should All Be Murdered - London Weekend
The Wedding Present - Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft - George Best Plus
Beat Happening - Cast a Shadow - Black Candy

The Get Up Kids - Don't Hate Me - Four Minute Mile
Pedro the Lion - Rapture - Control
American Football - Never Meant - American Football
(*) Dads - Chewing Ghosts - I'll Be the Tornado

(*) Old Man Gloom - Burden - The Ape Of God
SubRosa - The Usher - More Constant Than the Gods

John Maus - Hey Moon - We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves
(*) Torn Hawk - I'm Flexible - Let's Cry and Do Pushups At the Same Time
(*) et aliae - Baby - Shh#ffb6c1
(*) Andy Stott - Faith In Strangers - Faith In Strangers

(*) Panda Bear - Mr Noah - Mr Noah

Playlist for 12-4-14

Look at all the great things I (and intern Katrina) played last week!

Things that Are Square 12-4-14

(*) = New release

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - Nashville Parthenon - Etiquette

Zoe Muth and the Lost High Rollers - If I Can't Trust You With a Quarter (How I Trust With My Heart) - Starlight Hotel
Woody Guthrie - Do Re Mi - Dust Bowl Ballads
Ghost Mice - Survival - Andrew Jackson Jihad/Ghost Mice Split
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Cannibal's Hymn - Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus

(*) R.L. Kelly - The Great Big World - Brown Horse
Hefner - The Sad Witch - Breaking God's Heart
Dear Nora - This Will Be Our Year - Three States: Rarutues 1997-2007
Herman D√ľne - This Will Never Happen - Not On Top

(*) Dads - Chewing Ghosts - I'll Be the Tornado
Tullycraft - Josie - The Singles
(*) Ought - New Calm, Pt. 2 - Once More With Feeling

(*) Cut Hands - The Claw - Festival of the Dead
Xenia Rubino - Ultima - Magic Trix
How to Dress Well - Lover's Start - Love Remains
Grey Reverend - Everlasting - A Hero's Lie

Shy Girls - Still Not Falling - Timeshare
Blood Orange - Sutphin Boulevard -Coastal Grooves
Wise Blood - Alarm - ID
Deerhunter - Helicopter - Halcyon Digest

Aphex Twin - Avril 14th - Drukqs
Naive Thieves - Anxiete - Vamonos
The Middle East - Blood - The Recordings of the Middle East
Timber Timbre - We'll Find Out - Timber Timbre

Avi Buffalo - Overwhelmed with Pride - At Best Cuckold
Teenage Fanclub - The Concept - Bandwagonesque