Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Playlist for 1-8-09

(*) = New release

(*) Belle and Sebastian - Here Comes the Sun - The BBC Sessions

Nose Bleed Island - When We Won the War - More Tales from the Blood Island
Galaxie 500 - Snowstorm - On Fire
Spacemen 3 - Lord Can You Hear Me? - Playing with Fire
(*) Los Campesinos! - You'll Need those Finger for Crossing - We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed

Jeffrey Lewis - If You Shoot the Head You Kill the Ghoul - It's the Ones Who've Cracked that the Light Shines Through
The Thermals - Pillar of Salt - The Body, The Blood, The Machine
The Vaselines - Sex Sux (Amen) - The Way of the Vaselines: A Complete History
Beat Happening - Pajama Party in a Haunted Hive - Black Candy

Animal Collective - Peacebone - Strawberry Jam
Akron/Family - The Rider (Dolphin Song) - Meek Warrior


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