Wednesday, April 15, 2009

LaRouche...LaRouche...LaRouche is on fire....

If you kids missed the Bleubird/Astronautalis show last night at UC Irvine, you missed a RIDICULOUSLY fun time. Astronautalis, in his live shows, takes about 5 topic suggestions from the audience and then proceeds to freestyle on those topics with amazing skill. Last night's audience suggestions were black metal, R2D2, beasiality with cheetahs, Billy Mays's "Big City Slider Station," and Crocodile Mile (provided by yours truly).

Here's a vid of the man doing the same act at another show. The list of topics he lists right at the beginning are what the audience must have shouted out. How the man freestyles a fairly cohesive narrative about topics he was just given is absolutely mind-blowing.


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