Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mix CD: Sex Jamz

I make mix CDs for another mix-community I started, so I may as well share them here to increase content. Rejoice. Free music is at hand.

So, as I put together this mix, I realize that, apparently, my natural sex-vibe is like....chill/intimate/narcotic/whispery [unless my partner requests otherwise]. So, thanks for the journey of self-discovery, mix CD.

Download all the sweet jams here.

1. Charlotte Gainsbourg & Calexico - Just Like A Woman
Bob Dylan songs are sexy, but his voice maybe not so much. So just slap a french gal on there and don't stop 'til the panties drop. Also, this song will cheer me up if it turns out she's a tranny. Bonuspoints.
2. Nina Simone - I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl
I know the metaphor is a little deep here, but I'm pretty sure this song is about sex.
3. Low - Venus
Gonna get it on? Better put on some music by some married Mormons.
4. The National - Slow Show
Goofy striptease ACTIVATE.
5. Broken Social Scene - I'm Still Your Fag
I like to confuse a lady while I'm in bed with her.
6. Iron & Wine - My Lady's House
7. Smog - To Be Of Use
You know what? Me too, Mr. Callahan.
8. The Field Mice - And Before The First Kiss
I'm an immature, pop-loving romantic at heart.
9. Okkervil River - Maine Island Lovers
I just hope I'm doing well enough to distract her from the song's lyrics. Because brutally honest songs about affairs may not be her biggest turn-on.
10. White Rainbow - Guilded Golden Ladies
God. How often do I put this song on mixes?
11. Yo La Tengo - More Stars Than There Are In Heaven
One of YLT's dreamy jams. With a slow, suggestive build.
12. Múm - Green Grass Of Tunnel
Begin dreamy, female-voiced electronic block.
13. High Places - From Stardust To Sentience
14. The XX - Night Time
Wrap it up (the block, I mean. Not like...a condom PSA).
15. Lovage - Strangers On A Train
OK. So...it starts to get a little goofy starting here. But let's be honest. This mix has probably outlived its usefulness by now.
16. Serge Gainsbourg - Melody
Two Gainsbourgs on one mix! What a country! (France, I mean).
17. Cars Can Be Blue - Dirty Song
And with that, the mood is destroyed.


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