Friday, April 30, 2010

Playlist for 4-29-10

Hey folks,

I'm rocking some pretty sociopathic hygiene today. Went out to see the Antlers at the Detroit Bar last night, and decided getting a little more sleep this morning was more important than showering or how my coworkers thing I smell. So it goes.

Thanks to everyone who donated during this last TtAS of KUCI's Fund Drive. If you still haven't donated to KUCI, you have until May 3rd. Any amount, however small, is appreciated. Head on over to KUCI.ORG for details.

The music we play:

Things that Are Square 4-29-10

(*) = New release

Tullycraft - Polaroids From Mars - Disenchanted Hearts Unite

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - Rent a Wreck - #3
(*) Fang Island - Life Coach - Fang Island
Stephen Malkmus - The Hook - Stephen Malkmus

Treepeople - Big Mouth Strikes Again - Something Vicious for Tomorrow/Time Whore
Trembling Bells - The End Is the Beginning Born Knowing - Carbeth
Q and Not U - Soft Pyramids - Different Damage

Les Savy Fav - Adopduction - Go Forth
Hymie's Basement - You Die - Hymie's Basement
(*) Avi Buffalo - What's In It For? - Avi Buffalo

Sufjan Stevens - Ring Them Bills - I'm Not There
Vic Chesnutt - Bug - West of Rome
Calvin Johnson & the Sons of the Soil - Love Travels Faster - Calvin Johnson & The Sons of the Soil

Menomena - Cough Coughing - I Am the Fun Blame Monster
(*) Owen Pallett - The Great Elsewhere - Heartland
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - Roberta C. - Twinkle Echo
(*) Small Black - Despicable Dogs - EP

(*) Antn Hrkwk - Jockey Jams - Thoroughbred
The Modern Lovers - Someone I Care About - The Modern Lovers
(*) The Tallest Man on Earth - The Wild Hunt - The Wild Hunt
(*) Horse Feathers - Thistled Spring - Thistled Spring

The Antlers - Kettering - Hospice
The Mountain Goats - Genesis 30: 3 - The Life of the World to Come

Fujiya & Miyagi - Collarbone - Transparent Things


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