Friday, May 28, 2010

Playlist for 5-27-10

Howdy folks,

So, I'm beginning to look elsewhere in the country for jobs. The other day, I applied for a DJ gig in Portland, OR. I'd miss doing radio too much if I no longer had KUCI. But, I'm sure I'll be trying EXTRA HARD in the coming weeks to do good shows, lest I need to record one as a demo or something. My lifechange is your gain.

Things that Are Square 5-27-10

(*) = New release

(*) Television Personalities - She's My Yoko - A Memory Is Better than Nothing

(*) The Wave Pictures - I Love You Like a Madman - Instant CoffeeBaby/If You Leave It Alone
Herman Düne - Little Wounds - Not On Top
Dear Nora - Second Birthday - Three States: Rarities 1997-2007
Camera Obscura - I Need All the Friends I Can Get - Let's Get Out ofThis Country

(*) The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio - High Violet
Netherfriends - Nunya (Beeswax) - Daytrotter Session (For Gabby in Irvine, CA)
Real Estate - Fake Blues - Real Estate
Why? - Early Whitney - Oaklandazulasylum

(*) Dash Jacket - Till Dawn - Romance
(*) Dum Dum Girls - Jail La La - I Will Be
Abe Vigoda - Hyacinth Grrls - Skeleton
The Capstan Shafts - St. Paul? - The Sleeved and Grandaughters of the Blacklist
The 6ths - Pillow Fight - Wasps' Nests

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - When You Were Mine - Young Shields
Wizardzz - Whispers from Wallface - Hidden City of Taurmond
Fuck Buttons - Flight of the Feathered Serpent - Tarot Sport
(*) Captain Ahab - Kill Me - The End of Irony

(*) Mi Ami - Harmonics (Genius of Love) - Steal Your Face
Arrington De Dionyso - Kedalaman Air - Malaikat dan Singa
Beat Happening - Teenage Caveman - You Turn Me On

Destroyer - Trembling Peacock - This Night
The Tallest Man on Earth - Graceland - King of Spain
A Silver Mt. Zion - God Bless Our Dead Marines - Horses in the Sky
Spiritualized - Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space - Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space

Galaxie 500 - Don't Let Our Youth Go to Waste - Peel Sessions


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