Friday, August 20, 2010

Let's take this thing between us to the next level

Listeners! Friends! You tune in to my radio show and read my show's blog. Isn't about time we met in person? I think so. So why not come out to The Crosby bar in Santa Ana on Wednesday the 25th and have some beers while I DJ? It's low-pressure. Let's not rush into things.

Rita of the Sound Session is hosting a night there and has invited me to help her out, which I was all-too-happy to do. The shindig will be starting around 10ish, and I'll be DJing for the first hour or so. But feel free to show up early/stay for the other DJs and happenings. If folks come out, they'll let us do this again.

I hope you enjoy drinking while Belle and Sebastian plays. Because that is happening.


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