Friday, November 19, 2010

Playlist for 11-18-10

Happy Friday folks,

This is normally the part where I try to say something clever, but I'm running on three hours of sleep after a late night show by The Music Tapes. It was rad but I am unexcited about life at the moment. Perhaps the magical world of Harry Potter will revive me tonight. See you there.

Anyway, the music I played last night:

Things that Are Square 11-18-10

(*) = New release

Silver Jews - Random Rules - American Water

Woods - Rain On - Songs of Shame
John Cale - Paris 1919 - Paris 1919
Joanna Newsom - Peach, Plum, Pear - The Milk-Eyed Mender
(*) Miniature Tigers - Rock n' Roll Mountain Troll - Fortress (ForNeha in Irvine, CA)

(*) Nobunny - Never Been Kissed - First Blood (For Alex in Irvine, CA)
The Modern Lovers - Roadrunner - The Modern Lovers
(*) Brian Eno - 2 Forms of Anger - Small Craft on a Milk Sea
(*) Cloud Nothings - I Can't Stay Awake - Turning On

(*) Soft Circle - Reaper - Shore Obsessed
(*) Dirty Projectors - Stillness Is the Move (Lucky Dragons Remix) - Bitte Orca Expanded Edition
Big Whup - B.O.N.I.Z.H.E.A.R.T. - B.O.N.I.Z.H.E.A.R.T./Cover My Heart
Harry and the Potters - The Weapon - Voldemort Can't Stop the Rock!

The Dismemberment Plan - The Jitters - Emergency & I
Low - Over the Ocean - When the Curtain Hits the Cast
White Rainbow - Gilded Golden Ladies - ZOME
(*) Bikini - American Mourning - Ripjds

(*) Belle and Sebastian - Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John - Write About Love
(*) Grinderman - Palaces of Montezuma - Grinderman 2
(*) Les Savy Fav - Let's Get Out of Here - Root for Ruin

*****Intern Julian takes over*****

Sin Ropas - Hands Inside - Trickboxes on the Pony Line
Buffalo Daughter - Socks, Drugs, and Rock & Roll - New Rock
The Lovely Feathers - Wrong Choice - Hind Hind Legs
Gellers - Colorado - Gellers

Ester Drang - Song for Jonathon - Goldenwest
Field Music - Let's Write a Book - Measure
(*) The Philistines Jr. - If I Did Nothing But Train for Two Years, I Bet I Could Be in the Olympics - If a Band Plays in the Woods...?


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