Friday, April 1, 2011

OBCBYL: The Replacements

Things that Are Square celebration of the 10th anniversary of Our Band Could Be Your Life cannot be stopped! Next up: The Replacements This one has a very special place in my heart. The Replacements are that perfect malestrom of rocking out, witty songwriting, drunkeness, self-effacing humor, and lovable loser-dom that just hits so many happy spots on my "things I like about music" checklist. They started out as just a drunken garage rock band, prone to pranksterism and fucking with crowds and A&R guys. The book has an annecdote about playing to a crowd of country label A&R guys, playing the loudest, fastest punk they could. Once the guys left, they played a set of country covers. And this music video, paid for and sent to MTV, consists of nothing more than a stereo, hardly the flashy spectacle I'm sure MTV was looking for in an up-and-coming act. A "fuck you" to mainstream, commercial music outlets.

Of all the bands in OBCBYL, the Replacements, I feel, were the best songwriters. Taking the pop formula and wrenching it to their own ends. Paul Westerberg's lyrics are often touching and hilarious. As the band grew, they seemed to need that protective layer of "fucking up on purpose" and became much more emotionally whole. So amazing. Here's another jam by these dudes. A personal favorite. Someday I will write a movie and ensure this song is on the soundtrack.


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