Monday, September 26, 2011

He will hurt but he will heal

I admit I have an affinity for the slow/sad/sappy songs of the world. Cute and clever songs about love/loss sorta get me every time. But lately I've felt more attune to punk and hardcore. I sort of forgot how there's a good portion of hardcore music that focuses on themes of personal inner strength and such. And while punk often focuses on society ills, there's a definite "the people united will never be divided." And I think that, at this point in my life, focusing less on outward loss and love and what I want from other people, it's good for me to focus inward on improving self and being personally strong. As such, a good chunk of Fucked Up's most recent album, "David Comes to Life," is a good album for that. I mean, the chorus of this song alone is something I need to internalize.

(And he said)
"I have never been as happy as I am today",
(But then the seasons turned and the darkness came)
"So when it all falls apart I will have peace in my heart"
(Try to think of the healing that comes out of the pain).
"Try to redeem myself for my mistakes in advance",
(The sun will shine after the rain)
"I know that when I fall down I'll get another chance"
(Just wipe away the tears and try again).

And not to mention that singer Damon Abraham is a big ol, positive, charismatic dude with healthy self-esteem and no body issues. That's a pretty positive role model for a bigger dude, such as myself, who is working on all those things.


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