Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm tracing pentragrams in chalk onto my floor

Every time I hear more Ghost Mice material, I seem to become even more into what they're doing. Folk-punk's energetic positivity and DIY ethos are things that already resonate really strongly with me, and Ghost Mice's lyrics always seem to incorporate comic-book nerdiness and elements of the supernatural, furthering my appreciation. Their song "Critical Hit" is the best example of this. Nominally a song about Dungeons & Dragons, a past-time I dove head-first into during junior high and later, the real meaning of the song is about truly working towards the things you want, despite the odds being against you.

This song, off of their 7" split with Brook Pridemore, has plenty of lyrics about dark arts and the occult, but is about the struggle to improve the place you live. As a resident of Orange County, this is something I can relate to. So many "cool" people born here move to LA, NY, etc. But if no one stays to help make the place better by starting bands and booking shows and voting for progressive causes, how is this place ever going to improve?


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