Wednesday, October 17, 2012

They have told you you will be lucky, but nothing has changed

Xiu Xiu is a band that sets up shop in life's less pleasant emotions and experiences. Songs about human trafficking and serial killers and being used for sex are all delivered in tracks that, while often cacophonous, are generally more listenable than they should be. This track, for instance, is an elegant summary of the experience of depression: pressing forward with a grim optimism as life continues to beat you down. Lyrics like "I can't wait to set it off and it will be the end finally/I'm gonna lie back down and ask for nothing, nothing" encapsulate a tragic lack of seratonin fairly eloquently.

What makes Xiu Xiu stand out from goth or emo caricatures is that they deliver all of this with a dry sense of humor. You don't write a song called "I Luv Abortion" unless you have a gleefully perverse sense of humor.

And it doesn't hurt that a song about depression, like this one, is one of the most danceable and beautiful this band has done.

Pick it up at their label's webpage or through Amazon.


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