Monday, July 1, 2013

You're nice to me

Emperor X - Low Orbit Ion Cannon (Nineteen Live Recordings) [Plan-It-X]

While Emperor X doesn't really fit the normal folk-punk vibe that Plan-It-X usually releases, the guy is still punk as fuck, touring the country via bus and train, playing shows under overpasses and in people's living rooms, and generally just being a forward-thinking sweeatheart of a dude. They have recently released his "Nineteen Live Recordings" LP. 2012's "Western Teleport" was a great collection of songs, but the E.X. live experience is beautiful and intimate and participatory and charming and ebulliant. It was a wise decision to put out a low-cost way for people to carry that feeling in their pocket music player device.

(The above video isn't the version on the album, get the idea.)


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