Sunday, November 3, 2013

Playlist for 10-31-13 (Halloween/Fund Drive edition!)

So, I was really concerned that fund drive--our twice-yearly request for donations to keep our commercial-free community radio station afloat--would hamper the Halloween spirit of my spooOOooOooky radio show. But my listeners came through with EXTREME generosity, and I was able to raise over $600 in two hours. An all-time record for my humble little radio show.

If you want to donate to KUCI, you can donate at any time by calling 949-824-5824 in the next week, or by going to KUCI.ORG and donating online. I'll be doing one more fund drive edition of the radio show this Thursday, so please feel free to call in and donate. ANY amount is welcome.

You'd be keeping unique programing like the following dark ambient Halloween edition of my radio show on the air:

Things that Are Square 10-31-13

Bell Witch - Beneath the Mask - Longing
Cities Last Broadcast - Cornerstone - The Cancelled Earth
Sunn O))) & Boris - Bloodswamp - Altar
The Haxan Cloak - Excavation (Part 1) - Excavation
The Conet Project - The Swedish Rhapsody Iradial - The Conet Project
Boards of Canada - Uritual - Tomorrow's Harvest
Labradford - G - Mi Media Naranja
Earth - The Dry Lake - Hex: Or Printing in the Infernal Method
[The User] - Untitled 5 - Abandon
Lustmord - Black Star - Purifying Fire
Set Fire to Flames - In Prelight Isolate - Telegraphs in Negative/Mouths Trapped in Static
Aghast - Enter the Hall of Ice - Hexerei Im Zwielicht Der Finsternis
Liars - Read the Book that Wrote Itself - They Were Wrong So We Drowned
Atrium Carceri - Observatory - Ptahil
John Zorn - Black - Elegy
Harold Budd/Brian Eno - Dark-Eyed Sister - The Pearl
Altar of Plagues - When the Sun Drows the Ocean - Mammal


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