Sunday, December 8, 2013

Playlist for 12-5-13

Hey guys!

Sorry for the delay in playlist posting, but Friday was super busy, then I drove to LA and had my parked car hit by a truck, and then I ran the Spartan Sprint in Malibu, and then I saw a bunch of friends' bands at the very cool Comic Book Hideout in Fullerton. I've had a full weekend. But now here we are, together, again. I know that sometimes it takes me a while, but I always come home to you. Never forget that. <3 p="">
The playlist:

Things that Are Square 12/5/13

(*) = New release

The Special A.K.A. - Free Nelson Mandela (Ext. Vers.) - The Singles Collection

Frank Zappa - Peaches en Regalia - Hot Rats
The Dead Milkmen - Punk Rock Girl - Death Rides a Pale Cow
Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard - Broken Broken Broken Heart - 'Em Are I
All Dogs - Carry/Keep - Slouch/All Dogs Split

The Tallest Man on Earth - Graceland - The King of Spain (For Emilie in Portland, OR)
The Six Parts Seven - Fuck Everything - Daytrotter Session
Mark Kozelek - Love Hungry Man - What's Next to the Moon
(*) Destroyer - Maria de las Nieves - Five Spanish Songs

Woody Guthrie - Hanukkah Dance - Hard Travelin': The Asch Recordings Vol. 3
The Four Vagabonds - Coming In on a Wing & A Prayer - Kickin' Hitler's Butt
Bill Callahan - Spring - Dream River
Human Behavior - Crag - Golgotha

Melt-Banana - A Dreamer Who Is Too Weak To Face Up To - Cell-Scape
Big Ups - Goes Black - Eighteen Hours of Static
Wolves in the Throne Room - Woodland Cathedral - Celestial Lineage
Jesu - Silver - Silver

Tortoise - Gamera - Millions Now Living Will Never Die
Jan Jelinek - Do Dekor - Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records
(*) Blood Orange - You're Not Good Enough - Cupid Deluxe

(*) Shearwater - Natural One - Fellow Travelers
(*) Xiu Xiu - See Line Woman - Nina
The Just Joans - Some Boys Are Bigger Than Others - 6.9 Love Songs
Tullycraft - Lost In Light Rotation - Lost In Light Rotation

The XX - Night Time - XX (For David in Irvine, CA)
(*) Fuzz - Sleigh Ride - Fuzz


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