Wednesday, January 15, 2014

All of my life, I've been waiting for you

SubRosa - "The Usher" (More Constant Than The Gods)

Apologies for being a bit behind on this one. SubRosa's 2013 release on Profound Lore has me more excited than any new ("new") release in months. This female-fronted SLC quintet does doom/sludge metal in a way that doesn't just exhibit the genre's standard heavy gloom--which it certainly provides--but with the addition of clean vocals and a twin-violin attack creates something beautiful and oceanic. These songs have the 10+ minute run times you'd expect from doom metal, but SubRosa's songwriting seems so much more on-point, imbuing the tracks with a gorgeous, post-rock feel instead of the normal downtrodden slog. Sadly, because these songs average out around 10-11 minutes a piece, they probably won't see as much radio play as they deserve (especially now that we're in Kyle's-show-gets-shortened-every-week-due-to-basketball-preemption season), so I'm going to ask you to listen to this track eight or nine times to make up for that. Thank you.


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