Monday, April 28, 2014

Goddamn! I need a stranger to hold my hand

A Silver Mt. Zion -"Fuck Off Get Free (For the Island of Montreal)" (Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything)

I got to see this band for the third time last night and was reminded that they really encapsulate so many things I value not only in music, but life.  Their music continues to incresingly encapsulate a dark worldview over a well of from-the-heart, passionate hope. On "Austerity Blues" (the subject of which shouldn't be too difficult to discern), the band collectively repeats "Lord let my son live long enough to see that mountain torn down." And that's the band in the nutshell. "Things are currently terrible, but we hope that together we can make the world a better place for the future." This is our punk rock.


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