Sunday, May 18, 2014

To carry the seeds of death within me

The Body - "To Carry the Seeds of Death Within Me" (I Shall Die Here)

I almost didn't pick up the newest album from the Body because--despite how much I like their music/aesthetic/sample use/disregard of genre lines--their singing style tends to grate on me a bit. But then I heard that this album was produced by the Haxan Cloak (who, by the way, put on THE most visceral live experience I've ever witnessed last week at the Church on York), I had to pick it up. Those high pitched, shriek-y vocals are still present, but now there's the Haxan Cloak's descent-into-hell dub fingerprints on the Body's already-bleak sludge-whatever-it-is. It's a deep, dark album to be certain.


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