Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Genre Research Project 70/1361: Horror Synth

Horror synth is a music genre that originated in horror film scores from the 1970s and 80s, such as those composed by John Carpenter and Goblin. These synthesizer-heavy scores utilized sharp, abrasive electronic sounds as well as eerie, haunting synth pads to create atmospheres that accentuated the dark, unnerving, violent or ghostly themes of their films.

Using modern computer technology as well as classic synthesizers, contemporary horror synth artists are influenced by and draw their inspiration from John Carpenter, Goblin and other composers of 70s and 80s horror synth film scores. These contemporary horror synth artists (such as GosT, Zombi, Défago, Tommy Creep, Umberto and Werewolves in Siberia) create music that retains the dark mood, atmosphere and cinematic style of the early horror synth composers but many also incorporate faster, highly danceable tempos into their compositions.


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