Monday, November 10, 2014

Genre Research Project 80/1362: Experimental Hip Hop

Experimental hip hop or abstract hip hop is a style of hip-hop that refers to the use of structural elements outside of hip-hop considered unconventional within the larger hip hop music genre. Experimental Hip Hop is an umbrella term for Hip Hop music that embodies elements of the genre that fall outside the constraints of convention. Definitive Jux, Anticon, Big Dada and Ninja Tune are notable experimental hip hop and acid jazz labels. Experimental hip hop is usually electronically produced and incorporates turntablism. There are many artists that introduce acoustic elements to the genre to enhance the ability of being played live.

Experimental hip hop is thought to have first originated during hip hop's "golden age", which is usually cited as between the mid 1980s and the mid 1990s and said to be characterized by its diversity, quality, innovation and influence. This was a time during which everything was experimental and new. Strong themes of Afrocentricity and political militancy coupled with experimental music and sampling led to a huge of number of stylistic innovations.


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