Thursday, January 29, 2015

Playlist for 1-22-15

I know the venn diagram intersection of "people who listen to my radio show" and "people who are excited to see Anderson Silva return to the UFC on Saturday" is probably small, but I can be real with you because we're close. I can be myself completely. That's how much we love each other. Almost as much as I love Anderson Silva fights. And that's a lot.

But I love you just as much as I love playing music on my radio show. And that's a lot, too.

Things that Are Square 1-22-15

(*) = New release

Paul Baribeau & Ginger Alford - Born to Run - Darkness on the Edge of Your Town

(*) Belle and Sebastian - Allie - Girls In Peacetime Want to Dance
Hefner - May God Protect Your Home - The Fidelity Wars
Pavement - Major Leagues - Terror Twilight
Jonathan Richman - That Summer Feeling - I, Jonathan

Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position - The Magic Position
Kero Kero Bonito - Sick Beat - Intro Bonito
The Books - Tokyo - The Lemon of Pink
Matmos - Enigma Machine for Alan Turing - For Alan Turing

(*) Viet Cong - Continental Shelf - Viet Cong
Parts & Labor - The Gold We're Digging - Mapmaker


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