Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mount Eerie - Live in Copenhagen (2003)

A while back, as the Microphones mastermind Phil Elverum was just stepping into his "we're not quite sure why you changed your name" side project of Mount Eerie when he released a gorgeous three-LP album of a 34-song/2 set show in Copenhagen. Like a lot of Mount Eerie releases, it went out of print rapidly, but the album remains the most accurate representation of the beauty, intimacy, and honesty of a Phil Elverum show. My first experience seeing him live was at the amazing Che Cafe, where he had all the lights turned off, and we all had a big, unafraid sing-along by the moonlight filtering through the pine trees. This album helps me remember that show.

And because he apparently no longer cares to make money off these records, I have no hesitation to giving it to you for free. Enjoy.

Download it here.


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Thank you!!

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