Friday, February 25, 2011

The ever-present danger of face loss

So, this week has already seen two (and I believe will soon see a third) amazing concerts.

On Wednesday night, I finally, after a decade of fandom, saw Godspeed You! Black Emperor live. Beautiful and intense. It was exactly what I wanted/expected.

The last night I had the intense good fortune of finally seeing Yo La Tengo live. And now I will never miss one of their shows. Ever. Again. I want to quit my job and follow them around the country.

And tonight, I will seeing the last in a wicked triptych of seminal indie rock bands when I watch Sebadoh perform their album "Bakesale" in its entirety. I was told their show last night was amazing.

And then I fly to Europe. Pretty rad week, Kyle. You're doin' OK.


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