Friday, March 18, 2011

Youth and Love

I know I've posted music from Jon Barba (formally known as Nicole Kidman) before, but I've been listening to his album All These Songs Are About Love, which rules. A decent step up from the Teen Worship tape.

Sadly, I'm unsure where you can buy the album. It may be tour-only, and the label--Barba's own "Your Warmth"--doesn't have a website or anything. Try to track him down and see him live. He plays around SoCal pretty constantly, and this CD was only $5 if I remember correctly. You could also email yourwarmthrecords [at] hotmail {dot} com and ask how to score yourself a copy of this fine, fine piece of Daniel Johnston-y confessional honest fragile DIY music. Or you could come over to my apartment and we could listen to it while we play Super Smash Bros.


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