Thursday, April 28, 2011

OBCBYL: Fugazi

It's the home stretch of the Things that Are Square celebration of the 10th anniversary of Our Band Could Be Your Life. Up next: Fugazi
God, how good is that photo?

Fugazi. Dedicated to all-ages shows. $5. Open to playing in any venue where local DIY folks are able to put on a show. No merchandise. No slamdancing. Throwing every genre they love into one big pot. All of this together creating a unique genre, concert experience, idea for the independent scene trying to evolve out of meathead hardcore punk. Everything they did was idealistic, proving that a band (as a business) could succeed on its own terms without selling out, or having to do anything they didn't explicitly want to do. And in doing so, they created an entire DIY mindset that reverberates to this day. And perhaps they'll be better known as more of an ethos than a band, but the music certainly stands on its own, as well. Raw, political, groovy, engaging, powerful, swinging. It managed to be all at once. It's kind of mindblowing.


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