Saturday, October 1, 2011

Playlist for 9-29-11

Hey folks!

So, I seemed to have record numbers of online listeners on Thursday. God only knows what I did different do warrant such attention. Whatever it was, I hope you enjoyed it. It makes my whole week when you listen. It really does. Here's what I played. Try to figure out what roped everyone in:

Things that Are Square 9-29-11

(*) = New release

Billy Bragg - A New England - Life's a Riot with Spy Vs Spy

(*) Jens Lekman - A Promise - An Argument with Myself
Jeffrey & Jack Lewis - Don't Be Upset - City & Eastern Songs
A Hawk and a Hacksaw - God Bless the Ottoman Empire - The Way the Wind Blows
Neutral Milk Hotel - Ghost - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

(*) Wild Flag - Future Crimes - Wild Flag
Frank Black - Calistan - Teenager of the Year
Wire - The Fly - Chairs Missing
(*) The 6ths - Yet Another Girl - Obscurities

(*) Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - Stick Figures in Love - Mirror Traffic
The Fall - New Face In Hell - 50,000 Fall Fans Can't Be Wrong
The Jam - In the City - In the City (For Nick in Irvine, CA)
(*) Mogwai - Drunk and Crazy - Earth Division EP

(*) Girls - Vomit - Father, Son, Holy Ghost
Christmas Island - Weird You Out - Blackout Summer
Dash Jacket - Don't Forget Me - Some Songs
Black Tambourine - For Ex-Lovers Only - Complete Recordings

mclusky - To Hell with Good Intentions - mclusky Do Dallas
The Mae Shi - Lamb and Lion - Hlllyh
Japanther - I Io - Master of Pigeons
This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb - Trains and Cops - Front Seat Solidarity

(*) Daedelus - Tailor-Made (With Milosh) - Bespoke
M83 - Run Into Flowers (Midnight Fuck Remix by Jackson) - Run Into Flowers
Matmos - Steam and Sequins for Larry Levan - The Rose Has Teeth in the Mouth of a Beast

!!! - Bend Over Beethoven - Myth Takes

El Guincho - Palmitos Park - Alegranza

I won't be around this week to do this show because I'm flying to New York to see Jeff Mangum play live (dreamscomefuckingtrue), but DJ Neha will do a great job subbing, I am sure. See you guys in two weeks.


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