Friday, March 9, 2012

But the receptionist said I was drunk and asked me to leave

God damn it I love Jens Lekman. That mixture of catchy pop songwriting, storytelling, humor, and emotion is simply a perfect storm of aural pleasure for me. And every time I see him live, it's just....this joyous musical experience. A couple years ago, I got into a free show at SkyBar, of all places, where Mr. Lekman played to a smaller crowd on the other side of a pool. It was a weird, weird setup, the performer being 20 feet from the nearest spectator. And you just knew that if you got into the pool, they would have thrown you out. Anyway.

Jens had just written this song, and it was definitely one of the night's highlights. He explained how Kirsten Dunst had mentioned him in a Swedish interview while discussing what she was currently listening to, and how flabbergasted he was by that. Since she was in his home-town, he found out where she was staying, and tried to track her down. This song is the result. The catchy, charming-as-shit result. It's on Mr. Lekman's most recent EP, "An Argument with Myself," which is available at Jens' store, the record label page, or on Amazon.


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