Thursday, April 5, 2012

Don't think of her porous membrane

I'm so happy that Emperor X got signed to Bar None Records. He (Chad Matheny) is a guy I have gotten several chances to hang out/talk/play with, and he's an incredibly intelligent, hardworking, sweetheart of a man. I am thrilled for every success that comes his way.

His debut album on a big ol' real-time label, "Western Teleport," is more of his signature witty and heartfelt singer-songwriter jams, packed solid with tiny DIY electronic embellishments and little nuggets of hooks buried everywhere like treasures dotting the landscape. Lyrically, apolocalypse imagery cozies up next to the mundalities of compressor repair. And while writing on things like IEDs and floods sounds like it could get heavy, the tone is less one of doom and gloom and rather one of a great, Lost Boys-like adventure where we'll all be stripped of the confines of society and find out what we're really made of as we fashion our own utopia together.


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