Friday, May 25, 2012

Ils mourraient sous le poids des siecles...

This is going to be another one of those breaks from indie pop to listen to something much heavier and darker. In this case: black metal from France. We all love a catchy love song, but sometimes you need something brutal and atmospheric that, because the lyrics are largely buried/shrieked/in a language you may not understand, you have to let the band show, rather than tell. Blut Aus Nord fills that niche nicely.

The album this track comes off of is the first of BAN's "777" trilogy of albums. 777 being a number traditionally associated with God (if man is five, and the Devil is six...), and black metal traditionally not being the most religion-friendly genre in the world, you can probably see where these albums are going to go, lyrically. What IS refreshing, though, is where the album goes sonically. Unlike so much black metal which starts and ends with a pummeling blast-beat, this album has no problem slowing things down a bit and creating a mood. This track being a chief example of that. No one is about to accuse this track of being weak, but it measures out its heaviness with some Krautrock from France's germanic neighbors. This could be something of a gateway album for people not into metal's cookie monster vocals or never-ending brutality. It's still a heavy listen, but it isn't as exhausting as many of it's genre-mates.


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