Monday, May 21, 2012

I play a losing game but life goes on just the same

I picked up a Big Mama Thornton album because of my friend Kathlyn. Looking for some more blues albums after picking up Muddy Waters's classic live album, I knew one of Kathlyn's most-listened-to artists on was Big Mama Thornton. And you don't forget a name like that. That name alone draws your attention. And BMT had an album with Muddy Waters. Sold. And the album is as big as the name. These tracks are powerful. Big slabs of soulful blues delivered with a conviction and passion that categorizes the best music in the world. And this album is always going to remind me of Kathlyn, who unfortunately passed away a couple years ago. She, too, was strong and passionate and I had a very big affection for her. I hope that somehow she knows that her nerdy friend Kyle is still having his life enriched by her, and that even though I understand why she did what she did, I really wish she was around to share these things with.


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