Monday, July 9, 2012

The End of the World Is Bigger Than Love

Hey, guys. I made you a mix-CD. It’s about the apocalypse. It starts with the rise of the Satanic messiah, then there’s raising of demons, zombies, disease, the decay of civilization, war, destruction, people fighting for supplies, the rise of a dark new cannibalistic society, and then I had to give folks SOMETHING to hold on to.
The playlist:
1. The Mountain Goats - Satanic Messiah
2. Miasma & The Carousel of Headless Horses - Asmodius Arise 
3. Old Time Relijun - Daemon Meeting
4. Jeffrey Lewis - If You Shoot The Head You Kill The Ghoul 
5. Shannon and the Clams - Toxic Revenge
6. Les Savy Fav - Raging In The Plague Age
7. The Cramps - Fever 
8. Blood On The Wall - Dead Edge Of Town
9. Final Fantasy - The CN Tower Belongs To The Dead
10. Giles Corey - Empty Churches
11. Black Sabbath - Electric Funeral
12. Blackalicious - Sky Is Falling 
13. Aesop Rock - Food, Clothes, Medicine 
14. Liars - We Fenced Other Gardens With The Bones Of Our Own 
15. The Gothic Archies - Crows
16. Misfits - Skulls 
17. The Angels of Light - New City In The Future 
18. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Death Is Not The End 


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