Friday, June 8, 2012

Suck the meat from the bones leave the corpse on the floor

At first listen, I was unsure what Fucked Up's 18-minute "hardcore" epic "Year of the Pig" was about. My initial assumption was that it was, perhaps, an anti-meat eating screed. Lyrics like "suck the meat from the bones leave the corpse on the floor" and "ashamed of what we do to them" paint a Jungle-esque portrait from its generous use of extremely visceral lyrics and imagery. But Fucked Up's lead singer, Damian Abraham, does not have the body of a militant vegetarian/vegan (though, my admiration of a heavy dude replete with backhair who gives no fucks and exudes buckets-full of confidence is an entirely separate issue). So, perhaps it's a song about demonizing political leaders/authority. Lord knows there's been a hardcore song or two written about that subject matter. And lyrics like "they poison our crops in our name" certainly would suggest such a thing. But, this is Fucked Up. I am listening to a nearly-20-minute track. This is not standard hardcore. Some research led me to the information that this track is actually about the plight of sex workers, combined with the trial of Canadian serial killer Robert Pickton (convicted of killing multiple prostitutes). And at that point, the grisly imagery and socially critical lyrics came together on a central issue in a really interesting and distrubing way.

Oh. And the song rules, too.


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