Wednesday, November 14, 2012

And I was already headed for the dancefloor

Oh, Allo Darlin'. You have blown past so many other twee-pop bands to earn a top spot in my heart. Like...Belle and Sebastian/Lucksmiths top-tier pop-love. I am a fellow who suffers from a bit of brain-chemistry-created anxiety, but putting on an Allo Darlin' LP...the tension just melts from my shoulders and I begin to feel at peace. And why not? The big-hearted romantic lyrics, upbeat pop tunes mixed with soothing acoustic ukulele numbers, Elizabeth Morris's predilection for writing songs about scientists and dancing and Henry Rollins. But maybe I just love Elizabeth Morris. Like. Love her. I mean. Look at her. No seriously. LOOK AT HER. Short hair/ukulele-playing/romantic/fun/pretty/British/sweatered....she is the perfect pop princess. And her band is great. So great. So incredibly great. In a world that can be so rough, every time I listen to Allo Darlin' I'm rejuvinated. Thank you, Darlins, for your music. Next time you're in Southern California, you are welcome to come take over my radio show and do whatever you like. I owe you.


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