Friday, March 1, 2013

Playlist for 2-28-13

Happy Friday, folks,

You fine folks have any good weekend plans? I'm on a pretty intense meal plan, and Saturday's my "cheat day," so I'm looking forward to eating something not-super-good for me and then washing it down with a big bottle of this beer. If I could, every beer I drank would be horror/sci-fi/general nerdery themed. I'm still on the look-out for Zombie Dust, Critical Hit, and Evil Dead Red. Feel free to mail me a pint/growler of any of those if you have access to them. My birthday IS coming up.

Things that Are Square 2-28-13

(*) = New release

(*) Heathers - Teenage Clothes - Unreleased

(*) The Babies - On Our Team - Our House on the Hill
Television Personalities - Look Back in Anger - ...And Don't the Kids Just Love It
The Clean - Thumbs Off - Anthology
Emperor X - Allahu Akbar - Western Teleport

Ghost Mice - Critical Hit - Andrew Jackson Jihad/Ghost Mice Split
Paul Baribeau & Ginger Alford - Atlantic City - Darkness on the Edge of Your Town Tour
Advance Base - Summer Music - A Shut-In's Prayer
Fog - Glory - Fog

(*) Matmos - Mental Radio - The Marriage of True Minds
Jab Mica Och El - Side Car Bicycle - Project Bicycle
Stars of the Lid - Mullholland - The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid


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