Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Come along with me to a place beside the sea

Last time our band was on tour, we got to play in Olympia with Eli Moore and Ashley Eriksson's band Baby Island. They were extremely nice and really talented and I wanted to support them, but our drummer and guitarist bought their last two tapes. When I got home, I wanted some of their music, and knowing they were both in the band LAKE, I picked up their "Let's Build a Roof" album. I have supported that decision ever since. The whole album packs the warm, communal familiarity of old pop vinyl, the G-rated hedonism of the Free Design, and weaves in stands of soul and rock and great horn lines to make a nice, diverse pop album. I'd say something about "several flavors of music," but...I mean...it's still all pop music. So I guess it's like....a nice chocolatier. Sure it's all chocolate, but you know there's some wonderful variety thrown in there. And even if you don't think you're familiar with this band, I can almost guarantee you've heard one of their songs in the closing credits of a fantastic TV show.

Bring the gift of beautiful pop music into your life by picking up "Let's Build a Roof" at the K Records page or through Amazon.


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