Friday, August 23, 2013

Playlist for 8-22-13

Hey folks!

Happy Friday! Do you have exciting plans for the weekend? I certainly hope so. I hope you go drink lovely drinks and watch lovely movies with lovely people and get lovely kisses. Or, if you're like me tonight, read a pulp novel about a sociopathic sheriff and be in bed by 930 because you stayed up too late too many times this week and you got a wicked case of the sleep-forevers. Whatever will make you happiest.

Sharing music with you is what makes me happiest. Here's an mp3 of last night's show if you missed it. And here's the playlist so you can follow along:

Things that Are Square 8-23-13

Destroyer - Poor in Love - Kaputt

(*) Destruction Unit - Control the Light - Deep Trip
Blood on the Wall - Dead Edge of Town - Awesomer
Bratmobile - Cherry Bomb - Pottymouth
Shannon and the Clams - If I Could Count - Dreams in the Rat House

Cult of Youth - Man and Man's Ruin - Love Will Prevail
Bill Callahan - Drover - Apocalypse
Neko Case - Deep Red Bells - Blacklisted
John Prine - (We're Not) The Jet Set (w/ Iris DeMent) - In Spite of Ourselves

A Silver Mt. Zion - Teddy Roosevelt's Guns - Horses in the Sky
White Rainbow - Gilded Golden Ladies - Zome
(*) Julianna Barwick - The Harbinger - Nepenthe

The Haxan Cloak - Excavation (Part 1) - Excavation
Burial - Homeless - Untrue
Evian Christ - Thrown Like Jacks - Kings And Them
Matmos - Cockles and Mussels - For Alan Turing

Múm - Green Grass of Tunnel - Finally We Are No One
Menomena - Oahu - I Am the Fun Blame Monster!
(*) Sigur Rós - Yfirborð - Kveikur

(*) Io Echo - Shanghai Girls - Ministry of Love
Deafheaven - Vertigo - Sunbather


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