Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Playlist for 3-27-14

Hey folks,

Thanks to the folks who tuned in last week. Extra double thanks to the folks who decided to hang out while I subbed another two hour radio show with 20-minute superjamz since the next DJ didn't show up. No thanks at all to the nerd who called complaining about my playing Built to Spill's "Cortez the Killer" who knew enough to know that KUCI can't play Neil Young (which was their complaint) but not enough to know that a 20 minute guitar-heroics version of the song with a different singer is probably NOT Neil Young.

Four hours of music:

Things that Are Square 3-27-14

(*) = New release

Miles Davis - Miles Runs the Voodoo Down - Bitches Brew

Blood Orange - No Right Thing - Cupid Deluxe
Jónsi - Go Do - Go
Belle and Sebastian - Marx and Engels - Push Barman to Open Old Wounds
(*) Frankie Cosmos - Owen - Zentropy

(*) Nmesh - Climbing the Corporate Ladder - Dream Sequins®
 Boards of Canada - An Eagle in Your Mind - Music Has the Right to Children
(*) Four Tet - Druid 3 - Ltd Edition Rare Sendspace Mastered Edit Audophile Mix Deluxe 100k Edition
Holy Fuck - Echo Sam - LP
(*) Container - Slush - Adhesive

Black Lips - Bad Kids - Good Bad Not Evil (For Derek in Irvine, CA)
Jawbreaker - Jet Black - Dear You
The Walkmen - The Rat - Bows + Arrows (For Renee in Santa Monica, CA)
(*) Cloud Nothings - I'm Not Part of Me - Here and Nowhere Else

(*) Sun Kil Moon - Pray for Newtown - Benji
The Angels of Light - Sometimes I Dream I'm Hurting You - We Are Him
Jesu - Lifeline - Lifeline
(*) Thou - Feral Faun - Heathen

Lightning Bolt - On Fire - Peel Session
Yo La Tengo - Tears Are In Your Eyes - And then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out
****8pm radio show doesn't show up and 20 MINUTE LONG SUPERJAMS BEGIN!******
Electric Masada - Tekufah - At the Mountains of Madness
SubRosa - The Usher - More Constant than the Gods
Built to Spill - Cortez the Killer - Live
Glenn Branca - Symphony #3 Second Movement (Exerpt) - Selections from the Symphonies (For Daniel in Irvine, CA)
Matmos - The West - The West
Boredoms - Seadrum - Seadrum/House of Sun


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