Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I'll die off like a lemon tree in the snow

Sun Kil Moon - "I Can't Live Without My Mother's Love" (Benji)

File under: cool things that made me cry at work today.

The newest Sun Kil Moon LP just became the placeholder for my album of the year. Heartrendingly intimate with lots of excellent storytelling and a staggering body count for an album this mellow (since nearly every song is about mortality in one way or another).

Also, as I was wondering about the title, Wikipedia had this quote from SKM's Mark Kozelek:

"I have this light, nice memory of going to see the movie Benji, at a Los Angeles movie theatre when I was a little kid, visiting my grandparents. This record is filled with so much darkness, I wanted to give it a light title, for contrast. Benji is a great movie, one of my favorites."

2014's Benji: an album so bleak the songwriter decided to name it after a movie about a puppy.


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