Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Genre Research Project 98/1361: Trancecore

Trancecore is a genre of music mixing aspects of Melodic Metalcore, Trance, Pop Punk, Synthpop and sometimes other genres as well.

At its heart, trancecore features the same type of guitar riffs and drumming found in melodic metalcore as well as its usual inclusion of both harsh and clean vocals. The harsh vocals are similar to Metalcore, melodic metalcore, or Death Metal styles. A simple verse/chorus arrangement for the songs is also common.

Many things separate trancecore from the genres that influence it. The most noticeable difference is the inclusion of trance sections throughout the majority of the songs, including times when trance is the main focus and the Metal elements have disappeared completely. A large portion of trancecore bands use autotuned vocals prominently during choruses and other parts of their songs. Even if autotune isn't used, clean vocals generally mimic the style of pop punk vocals. Finally, trancecore bands tend to include more breakdowns in their songs and make them the focus more often than melodic metalcore.


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