Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Great moments in bad sketch comedy

So, today I learned that the Replacements were banned from Saturday Night Live due to their "state of inebriation" and Paul Westerberg saying the word "fuck." I found a video, and sure enough, he says "fuck," but they don't strike me as terribly intoxicated.

What a mess by mmr421

Anyway, this made me want to look up other bands who performed on SNL. And I found this great performance by DEVO in '78.

Devo - Satisfaction (SNL, 14 October 1978) by zesuisla

Just wanted to share.

And I hope you guys are saving up some money. Remember, KUCI's fund drive is in full swing! Please call in tomorrow during my show to donate! 949-824-5824. 949-UCI-KUCI


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