Friday, October 14, 2011

Fictional bands for actual ears

So, after Fucked Up released "David Comes to Life"--a rock opera about a dude from a fictional UK town--they put out a Record Store Day compilation with a bunch of bands from that fake city. Fake bands. So, in addition to writing a critically acclaimed album, they wrote and recorded an additional album worth of songs that they knew they wouldn't really even use. That's so amazing.

All the bands are of different styles. This one is the sort of K Records "punk," there's a definite REM-by-way-of-The Smiths jam, got a Buzzcocks style diddy, and so on. And there's some sweet jams on it. Feel free to find it online to download illegally. They obviously don't want you to buy it, since they made it a limited pressing, so...


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