Friday, April 6, 2012

There's a 3.6 - of course it must be from Pitchfork

On his most recent album, "A Turn in the Dream-Songs," Jeffrey Lewis continues his pattern of putting out fair-to-middling albums with one of two solid, solid songs on them. Mr. Lewis is capable of writing some fantastic songs, but his albums tend to be so-so affairs (I'm sorry Jeffrey. I love your music but I have to be honest with you). After he passes away (God forbid), they're going to put out one of the greatest best-of albums ever, culling all the amazing songs strewn across all of his releases.

Unfortunately, the new album is weaker than most, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have a couple really decent tunes on it. The above song, a five-minute anti-folk list of failed suicide attempts delivered in wry, black humor, is a clear stand-out. Let it never be said that Jeffrey Lewis cannot write lyrics. His ability to spin ryhming narrative is almost peerless in current independent music. And even if his songs are occasionally less-than, his albums are always going to speak to me in a very real way. The sentiments and wit will always have a space in my album library.

You can pick up the new album (or any of his other albums) at his web page or at Amazon.


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