Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Playlist for 7-18-13 (Comic-Con Edition)

Hey folks,

Sorry for the delay in posting the playlist. Immediately after the radio show, I took a train down to San Diego for Comic-Con, and I didn't get back til Sunday night (and then kept forgetting to post the playlist). My apologies.

Did you go to Comic-Con? Did you happen to see someone dressed like Silent Bob? That was me! We should have hung out!

Anyway. I played these songs for you before I left:

Things that Are Square 7-18-13 (Comic Con edition)
Jonathan Coulton - Still Alive - Portal

Tullycraft - Superboy & Supergirl - The Singles
Allo Darlin' - Dear Stephen Hawking - Henry Rollins Don't Dance
The Lucksmiths - Fiction - Warmer Corners
The Mountain Goats & Kaki King - Thank You Mario But Our Princess Is In Another Castle - Black Pear Tree

Tera Melos - Hey Sandy - Idioms Vol. 1
Misfits - I Turned Into a Martian - Walk Among Us
The Cramps - Zombie Dance - Songs the Lord Taught Us
Jeffrey Lewis - If You Shoot the Head You Kill the Ghoul - It's the Ones Who've Cracked that the Light Shines Through

Ghost Mice - Critical Hit - Andrew Jackson Jihad/Ghost Mice Split
The Vaselines - Lovecraft - The Way of the Vaselines
Shannon and the Clams - Toxic Revenge - Sleep Talk
Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right BA Start - I Know You'll Find Out if I'm a Geek - And Nothing Is #1 (For Alexi in San Diego, CA)

Iron & Wine - Waitin' For a Superman - Around the Well
Emperor X - Erica Western Teleport - Western Teleport
LAKE - Christmas Island - Let's Build a Roof
Estradasphere - Super Buck II - Buck Fever

John Zorn - Batman - Naked City
The Unicorns - Tuff Ghost - Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?
Jacob Borshard - Batman Summer of 89 - Unreleased
The Metasciences - Four-Color Love Story - Pencils Down

FAROFF - Brazilian Star Wars (John Williams vs. Samba vs. Baile Funk vs. Danzel) - Best of Bootie 2009
The Timelords - Doctorin' the TARDIS - Doctorin' the TARDIS
Flight of the Conchords - Robots - Flight of the Conchords
Say Hi to Your Mom - These Fangs - Impeccable Blahs

Jonathan Richman - Vampire Girl - You Must Ask the Heart
The Aquabats - Martian Girl - The Fury of the Aquabats
Sex Bob-Omb - We Are Sex Bob-Omb - Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
Cars Can Be Blue - TMNT - All the Stuff We Do

The Magnetic Fields - I Wish I Had an Evil Twin - I
The Divine Comedy - Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World - Victory for the Comic Muse
Belle and Sebastian - Wrapped Up in Books - Dear Catastrophe Waitress

Stereo Total - Supergirl - Monokini (For Caitlin in Colorado Springs, CO)


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