Thursday, January 30, 2014

Brotherhood of the Bomb

Techno Animal - "We Can Build You (Feat. El-P & Vast Aire)" (The Brotherhood of the Bomb)

Techno Animal is one of roughly 30,000 side projects of industrial metal zeniths Godflesh. And while "largely instrumental hip hop project" wouldn't be the first thing you'd expect from the members of a metal band, Techo Animal shares a decent protion of Godflesh's DNA. These aren't crate-digging jazz albums reworked into imble beats, Techno Animal is the massive clanking sound of a 20 ton jaeger b-boy. Like likeminded Dälek (who also guests on this album), Techno Animal specializes in the intersection of hip hop, industrial, and shoegaze wall of noise. The instrumental tracks often don't hold up as well as the ones featuring guest emcees, but "The Brotherhood of the Bomb" still manages to be pretty worthwhile and incredible unique.


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