Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I would change for you but babe that doesn't mean I'm gonna be a better man

I want to get ~*intimate*~ with this song. Is that a thing that's possible with science now?

This Crooked Fingers cover is from the "Score! 20 Years of Merge Records: The Covers" compilation. You have folks from every side of independent music covering Merge artists. Here's some bonus jams, just because I'm on vacation and feel pretty generous today.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Kyle's favorite band, ages 13-18 or so

I wish I could do this song at Karaoke.

How the heck do I get depressed from happy music?

This one is for Kathlyn. I still think of you a lot, and I really hope you're comfortable now. I got this album because of you, and I never got the chance to talk to you about it.

Playlist for 8-26-10

Happy Friday, folks,

This was kind of a sleepy little show. I had DJed at a bar the night before for a thing my friend Rita was curating, and I didn't get as much sleep as I'd like. So we just had a chill little get together. Hope you enjoyed it. :)

Things that Are Square 8-26-10

(*) = New release

Karen O and the Kids - Worried Shoes - Where the Wild Things Are

Marissa Nadler - Trouble - Covers
The Decemberists - Red Right Ankle - Her Majesty, The Decemberists
Songs: Ohia - Blue Factory Flame - Didn't It Rain

A Silver Mt. Zion - The Triumph of Our Tired Eyes - Born Into Trouble As the Sparks Fly Upward
Peter and the Wolf - My Grey Overcoat - Lightness
John Cale - Paris 1919 - Paris 1919
Tracey Thorn & Jens Lekman - Yeah! Oh Yeah! - Score! 20 Years of Merge Records: The Covers

Why? - Even the Good Wood Gone - Eskimo Snow
Destroyer - Watercolours Into the Ocean - Destroyer's Rubies
The Wave Pictures - Nothing Can Change This Love - Instant Coffee Baby/If You Leave It Alone
(*) Beak> - Backwell - Recordings 05/01/09 > 17/01/09

(*) The Books - The Story of Hip Hop - The Way Out
Dan Deacon - Build Voice - Bromst (For Hava in Los Angeles. CA)
(*) So Percussion & Matmos - Water - Treasure State

(*) Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Beverly Kills - Before Today
Talulah Gosh - Bringing Up Baby - Backwash
Wire - Outdoor Miner - Chairs Missing
(*) Best Coast - Boyfriend - Crazy for You

Beirut - The Penalty - The Flying Club Cup
A Hawk and a Hacksaw - God Bless the Ottoman Empire - The Way the Wind Blows
The Brian Jonestown Massacre - The Ballad of Jim Jones - Tepid Peppermint Wonderland
Neutral Milk Hotel - Holland, 1945 - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

(*) Wavves - Post Acid - King of the Beach
Ponytail - Celebrate the Body Electronic (It Came From an Angel) - Ice Cream Spiritual

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Deep thoughts

I'm sure you've heard this song by now, but just in case you haven't...

What I'm stoked on is that Cee-Lo made a SMASH HIT SONG that will NEVER be played on mainstream radio without completely butchering it. High five, Mr. Green.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


On this day in history:
2006: Pluto is demoted from full planet status. Don't worry, Pluto. Björk and I still love you.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Before the Bummer

This song is the exact opposite of the last one I posted.

In case you don't know, The Diskettes were David Barclay's band before he started the Endless Bummer. Also: I can play this song on the ukulele, so you know you're kind of turned on right now.

Something of unimaginable brilliance

I've basically only been listening to Captain Ahab lately. And on an unrelated note, I've been talking to a dude about setting up a KUCI dance night at a bar in Long Beach. So, here's the deal, if that goes down, you NEED to go, and you need to get your filth on when I put this on. Deal?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Let's take this thing between us to the next level

Listeners! Friends! You tune in to my radio show and read my show's blog. Isn't about time we met in person? I think so. So why not come out to The Crosby bar in Santa Ana on Wednesday the 25th and have some beers while I DJ? It's low-pressure. Let's not rush into things.

Rita of the Sound Session is hosting a night there and has invited me to help her out, which I was all-too-happy to do. The shindig will be starting around 10ish, and I'll be DJing for the first hour or so. But feel free to show up early/stay for the other DJs and happenings. If folks come out, they'll let us do this again.

I hope you enjoy drinking while Belle and Sebastian plays. Because that is happening.

Playlist for 8-19-10

Howdy folks,

How are you doing today? Good? Excellent! Any exciting weekend plans? I'm going to go see the original (good) "Willy Wonka" at Cinespia's cemetery screening. See you there? I'll bring the wine and gobstoppers.

Things that Are Square 8-19-10

(*) = New release

Dan Deacon - Snookered - Bromst

(*) The Books - Thirty Incoming - The Way Out
Black Moth Super Rainbow - Iron Lemonade - Eating Us
Hot Chip - Colours (DFA Remix) - The DFA Remixes Chapter Two

(*) Blue Sky Black Death - Absentee - Third Party
(*) Beak> - I Know - Recordings 05/01/09 > 17/01/09
(*) So Percussion & Matmos - Flame - Treasure State

(*) Dean & Britta - Teenage Lightning (And Lonely Highways) (Sonic Boom Remix) - 13 Most Beautiful: Songs for Andy Warhol's Screen Tests
Pink Mountaintops - Cold Criminals - Axis of Evol
Stereolab - Analogue Rock - Transient Random-Noise Bursts with Announcements
(*) Wavves - Baby Say Goodbye - King of the Beach

(*) Best Coast - Honey - Crazy for You
Dear Nora - Second Birthday - Three States: Rarities 1997-2007
Dr. Young's Adventure Club - The Road Ahead - Unreleased
The Wave Pictures - Instant Coffee Baby - Instant Coffee Baby/If YouLeave It Alone

Jonathan Richman - Give Paris One More Chance - Her Mystery Not of High Heels and Eyeshadow
The Magnetic Fields - Queen of the Savages - 69 Love Songs
The Mountain Goats & Kaki King - Thank You Mario But Our Princess Is In Another Castle - Black Pear Tree
Seu Jorge - Suffragette City - The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions

Little Wings - Whale Mountain - Magic Wand
Jeffrey Lewis - Seattle - The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane and Other Favorites
Tullycraft - Superboy & Supergirl - The Singles
The Field Mice - Coach Station Reunion - For Keeps

Television - Friction - Marquee Moon

The Microphones - Great Ghosts - Live in Japan, February 19th, 21st, & 22nd, 2003

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Songs I sang at Karaoke

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Sorry that this is another one of those "static image" youtube videos, but Jonathan Richman doesn't do music videos, and I've already really posted all of the classic TV appearances and such. And this beats some wank's cameraphone video, right? Yes. It does. Screw that wank.

P.S. Jonathan Richman is awesome. The end.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

If not "Either/Or" than probably "XO"

I've been listening to tons of Emperor X since I saw him at the Acrobatics Everyday show held in a post office a couple months ago. This listening has been facilitated by the fact that he puts up most of his stuff for free on his website. A lot of it is kind of hit and miss, but that's because he's in that sort of Guided By Voices/Capstan Shafts school of music, and that's bound to happen when you're just trying to crank out ideas.

That first video is a good representation of the recorded output. This video is more akin to what the live show is like (which is definitely worth taking in, if you can).

Monday, August 16, 2010

Just when you thought you had a handle on what I listen to...

Confessional sidenote: Something about younger Nick Cave makes me feel...slightly less-than-heterosexual.

Correction: This is both a party AND a disco

Ugh. I wish I were David Byrne.

Friday, August 13, 2010

8-12-10 Playlist

Hey folks,

Thanks to everyone who tuned in yesterday. That was one of the best shows I've done in a long time. Very fun. :)

And for fans of the Scott Pilgrim comics, the new movie will be very satisfying to you. I saw the movie at midnight last night. People unfamiliar with the comic may not dig it as much, as it sacrificed character development for adherence to the comic.

Anyway. Playlist:

Things that Are Square 8-12-10

(*) = New release

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Long Black Veil - Kicking Against the Pricks

Silver Jews - Random Rules - American Water
Vic Chesnutt - Stupid Preoccupations - West of Rome
Marissa Nadler - Clowne Towne - Xiu Xiu: Remixed & Covered
(*) Sleepy Sun - Rigamaroo - Fever

Woods - Suffering Season - At Echo Lake
The Buchanan Brothers - Atomic Power - Like an Atom Bomb: Apocalyptic Songs from the Cold War Era
Joanna Newsom - Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie - The Milk-Eyed Mender
Fog - See It? See It? - Ether Teeth

Watercolor Paintings - Indiana - Open Your Mouth
The Lucksmiths - I Prefer the Twentieth Century - Where Were We?
Beat Happening - Knick Knack - Black Candy
(*) Best Coast - When I'm With You - Crazy for You

The Pastels - Nothing to Be Done - Truckload of Trouble
The Cramps - The Way I Walk - Gravest Hits
Wire - I Am the Fly - Chairs Missing
Mission of Burma - Max Ernst - Signals, Calls, And Marches

Akron/Family - The Rider (Dolphin Song) - Meek Warrior
Mercury Rev - Opus 40 - Deserter's Songs
The Moldy Peaches - Jorge Regula - The Moldy Peaches (For Steve in Irvine, CA)
Comet Gain - Réalistes - Réalistes

(*) Wavves - Mickey Mouse - King of the Beach
Thee Oh Sees - Meat Step Lively - Help
Belle and Sebastian - Legal Man - Push Barman to Open Old Wounds
The Free Design - Kites Are Fun - Kites Are Fun

Low - Sunflower - Things We Lost in the Fire
Daniel Johnston - Some Things Last a Long Time - 1990

John Vanderslice - Radiant with Terror - Pixel Revolt

Monday, August 9, 2010

Pretty much your type

Watercolor Paintings "Indiana" (4 of 4) Bass Ukulele & Harp Music from One Night Music on Vimeo.

So, after being friends with Hoshuwa on last.fm/facebook forever, I finally had a chance to see his band (well, his sister's band that he is a part of) Watercolor Paintings at Acrobatics Everyday's rad "No Junk" event at the beginning of summer. And while that was happening, I also developed a ridiculous crush on his sister/bandmate Rebecca. Of course, my schoolboy nonsense has no bearing on how rad this band is (and to clarify, they are way rad).

The wilds of Brooklyn

This just in: Woods are still a good band. Their latest, At Echo Lake, isn't as amazing as Songs of Shame, but whatever. I dig it, anyway.

Why There's No Money in My 401(k) Vol. 6

I have a new CD review up!:

Mi Ami — Steal Your Face (Thrill Jockey)
There is a lot of really shitty music. The entertainment industry is full of incredibly bland, boring, trite, un-energetic, passionless crap. And there's stuff like San Francisco trio Mi Ami, who work themselves into a lather laying down visceral junkyard dance parties. Their latest album, Steal Your Face, is a six-song collection of noisy dance anthems, packed full of body-shaking basslines, hypnotic drumming, guitar torture, and frenzied squawks. This San Francisco trio creates a stew of psychedelic, funky, brain-scrubbing dance-catharsis that has immediately landed at the top of my 2010 year-end-best list....

Read the rest at KUCI.ORG

Friday, August 6, 2010

My one true weakness

Sometimes I feel a little guilty for having such a ridiculous soft-spot for "dude + guitar" bands, and I worry that my show is too homogenous because of this love. But then I think that there's probably a reason there are 10,000,000 "dude + guitar" bands. It's a formula that's worked since 1183 or whenever the fuck they invented guitars. (Dudes were invented a good deal earlier).

8-5-10 playlist

Good morning, folks,

Let's take a moment to sit back in our chairs, drink our orange juice, take deep breaths, and generally relax. Pretty nice, right? Let it never be said that I'm not a man who knows how to have a good time. Haha.

Things that Are Square 8-5-10

(*) = New release

Galaxie 500 - Parking Lot - Today (For Emily in Torrance, CA)

(*) Dean & Britta - I'll Keep It With Mine (Scott Hardkiss Electric Remix) - 13 Most Beautiful
The National - Fake Empire - Boxer
Mark Kozelek - Rock 'N' Roll Singer - What's Next to the Moon
Smog - Hit the Ground Running - Knock Knock

(*) CEO - Come with Me - White Magic
(*) The Electronic Anthology Project - I Dim Our Angst in Agony - The Electronic Anthology Project
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - Graceland - Advance Base Battery Life
High Places - From Stardust to Sentience - High Places

(*) The Books - Thirty Incoming - The Way Out
The Hidden Cameras - Ban Marriage - The Smell of Our Own
Jens Lekman - You Are the Light (By Which I Travel Into This and That) - When I Said I Wanted to Be Your Dog
Édith Piaf - Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien - The Voice of the Sparrow

(*) Best Coast - The End - Crazy for You
Beat Happening - You Turn Me On - You Turn Me On
The Mummies - She Lied - Never Been Caught
The Wave Pictures - Leave the Scene Behind - Instant Coffee Baby/If You Leave It Alone

(*) Wavves - Post Acid - King of the Beach
Fugazi - Full Disclosure - The Argument
Jawbreaker - The Boat Dreams From the Hill - 24 Hour Revenge Therapy
The Get Up Kids - Action & Action - Something to Write Home About

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Into My Arms - The Boatman's Call
The Angels of Light - Evangeline - How I Loved You
Simon Joyner - Love Is Worth Suffering For - Beautiful Losers
The Tallest Man on Earth - The WIld Hunt - The Wild Hunt

Man Man - Ice Dogs - Six Demon Bag

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Your RDA of mouth-blood

I learned to play this song on the ukulele yesterday. I am feeling pretty pleased with myself.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sometimes I like to fight the power, too

I've been listening to tons of Public Enemy lately. And in the wake of Arizona's immigration laws, this song is (sort of tragically) as relevant as ever.

Shameful self-promotion bonus:

My book review website did an interview with former Parts & Labor drummer Chris Weingarten recently. Chris has written a book on Public Enemy's "It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back" for the 33 1/3 series. It's way good. CHECK IT OUT.

Monday, August 2, 2010

I set a fire just to see what it kills

I know it's not "cool" to like hugely popular indie bands, but these assholes write a great song.